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TasorRMS is a web-based Request Management System (RMS) which efficiently and tellingly manages service requests from internal as well as external customers. It manages and optimizes all workflow activities related to fulfillment of the service request. TasorRMS features easy workflow tracking, notifications and reporting in every step of the service request lifecycle even in the case of the most complex requirements and multilevel approvals. Powerful domain editor assures seamless integration with all enterprise data sources including databases, spreadsheets, reports, etc. TasorRMS is a powerful tool that streamlines the process of managing requests, improves service delivery and reduces costs while dramatically improving customer experience.

Expressive design makes TasorRMS easy to use while system architecture allows easy integration with existing infrastructure. Because each business is unique, TasorRMS supports easy configurations of workflows to meet specific requirements for every department and organization.

When combined with the Tasor Planner, it can exploit generated plans at interactive, tactical and strategic levels to optimize performances, support commitment to user requests, and minimize overheads.


Increase Customer Satisfaction


A web-based interface enables a 24/7 service. Users can submit new requests, edit existing requests or view their status online. Automatic notifications keep users informed as the status of their request change. TasorRMS simplifies issuing service requests and accelerates speed of the service delivery.

Reduce Cost


With TasorRMS, you can improve performances of all your resources, employees, processes and systems. It enables easy receiving and managing service requests by elimination of time wasted on unnecessary manual processes bringing in a reduction in servicer team cost.

Improve Efficiency


TasorRMS provides full insight into request lifecycle and supporting processes even in workflows with the most complex requirements and multilevel approvals. Properly implemented business rules and workflows ensure data accuracy and consistency for efficient resolution of requests.

Resource Optimization


TasorRMS infrastructure allows easy integration with other products based on Tasor SCAS platform as well as other enterprise applications. TasorRMS and Tasor Planner can ideally be integrated in one software solution that can dramatically improve business performances by the system optimization. Request management system ensures that all customer requests are collected and managed, while Tasor Planner automatically generate optimal execution plans and streamlined schedules.

The integrated solution eliminates operational inefficiencies in collecting requests from customers and planning their workflows for execution. Because entire process is done automatically, the process and all request data are fully secured. Tasor Planner receives requests from TasorRMS and automatically generates schedule in just a few minutes. Significant reduction of planning time and lead-time accelerates speed of service delivery and improve on-time delivery on customer satisfaction.

Features Background


  • Ticketing system
  • Workflows
  • Multilevel approvals
  • Notification system
  • Tracking
  • Reports
  • Requests' priority
  • Customers' priority
  • Automatic data update
  • Request overview
  • Request editing
  • Clone request
  • User management system
  • Web-based
  • User friendly
  • Drop down
  • One interface for all requests
  • Easy integrations with legacy system
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