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Collaborative research is a important driver of innovation in our products and services. We have developed innovative technologies in various domains that have inspired us to expand the functionality and usability of our products and services. Vituona incessantly looking for research opportunities in diverse application domains.

If you are interested in any form of mutually beneficial cooperation, feel free to contact us!

Advance Planning And Scheduling

International projects


Short name: PreCoMInd

Long name: Predictive Cognitive Maintenance of Industry

Predictive Cognitive Maintenance of Industry addresses the challenge of operational expenditure reduction in large-scale Industry 4.0. PreCoMInd aims to predict the problems/failures during operation of the system using the semantic dataset (SD) integrating heterogeneous data.


Short name: Commitmentseer

Long name: Semantic integration and planning of orders in the MARKET4.0

CommitmentSeer reduces operational risk for suppliers participating in the MARKET4.0 platform by interactive planning & scheduling of incoming customer orders. It empowers suppliers to make realistic estimates and commitments based on actual factory production plans that include incoming as well as existing production orders.

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Short name: ASMOSA

Long name: Agile Semantic Model driven development for Smart Applications ecosystem in manufacturing

ASMOSA addresses reduction of cognitive burden that is expected to be the main relevant human-related issue for workers in Big Industry including developers and administrators as well as workers in logistics, sales, management, etc. It builds upon the powerful set of middleware components as well as services available in SHOP4CF and provides a showcase for advanced end-user smart applications development environment based on micro front-ends and services supporting scalable agile production process. ASMOSA aims to improve functionality, responsiveness and usability of enterprise applications by empowering any user to simply compose different end-user applications without need for IT expertise.


Short name: FASPAS

Long name: Fatigue Aware Semantics for Planning and Scheduling

One of the critical challenges in discrete manufacturing environments is to improve wellbeing of human workers while scaling up the number of work orders completed. FASPAS addresses the challenge by leveraging automatic generation of plans and schedules. The aim to optimize manufacturing operation as well as workforce in mass production of heterogeneous custom products becomes even more challenging when dynamic aspects such as physiological state and fatigue of employees are taken into consideration. Main benefits include cost reduction, reliable commitments to customers, improved production throughput as well as higher job satisfaction level in the workplace. In order to integrate all aspects of the problem, FASPAS semantically annotates data from FaMS, an AI-based KITT4SME component, that analyzes physiological data indicating fatigue acquired by wearable devices (such as blood pressure, heart rate, galvanic skin response) together with static characteristics (skills, age, work experience and similar). The Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Generated in this way, is used as an enabler for reasoning about different optimizations taking into account all relevant factors.

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