Overview Background


TasorSDS is software-defined smart data sensor platform that connects physical, digital and human data. It manages data collection, sensing, measurement, analytics and distribution in accordance with predefined settings. TasorSDS integrates analytics of collected data with meaning and sense of the data such that companies can make business decisions based on data analytics with immediate business impact. As an automated solution, TasorSDS manages distributed data sources with increased reliability, accuracy and integrity while reducing time and costs of heterogeneous data integration.

TasorSDS empowers customer-driven companies for deeper automation and control, advanced analytics, improvement of information flows and acting upon customer requests in real time providing crucial competitive advantage. It is suitable for all industries, from small companies to large enterprises that need to streamline and optimize their operations.


Increase Customer Satisfaction


TasorSDS offers data access and visibility which enables information to be shared at all levels - problems can be fixed immediately or even prevented. With TasorSDS company can view delays, slow downs and identify inefficient processes. TasorSDS enables organizations to make data-driven decisions and immediately react to correct or adjust issues.

Reduce Cost


TasorSDS enables insight into products market performances, customers trends and purchase behavior and how customers are using service/product that you provide. Company can more easily identify ineffective features of existing products and design future products to more closely match customer needs.

Improve Efficiency


Real-time data processing enables, small or large number of data, to be collected, processed, precisely and continuously with low latency and zero data drop. TasorSDS empowers company to optimize asset through monitoring and asset usage, estimate current asset values, and find new ways to optimize asset use.

Features Background


  • Real-time data collecting
  • Batch data processing
  • Data transformation
  • Automatic data classification
  • Data features detection
  • Automatic reasoning
  • Alerts generation
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Free text search
  • Navigation through hierarchy
  • Reports generation
  • Customizable views
  • Easy scalability
  • Data security
  • Single point for management
  • Access management
  • Security
  • Easy integrations with legacy system


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