Web of Data is all around us: Some call it BigData, others call it Semantic Web or simply Social Networks. Tasor connects Web of Data so that data can be viewed in desired way. This is achieved by collecting data from various LinkedData and OpenData data sources, which contains data from almost any knowledge domain in the world. This data is stored in Semantic Web standard, either on Tasor Server or on third-party repositories that can be accessed online. Tasor then enable users to organize this data, to choose what to view, and to get or give help from community users.

TasorONE online Video

Linked Data Publishing

Standard compliant data publishing platform makes your data instantly visible on the Linked Data Web.

Easy-to-use collaborative ontology editor

Users search, browse and edit Domains of their interest. Intuitive but powerful user interface makes TasorONE easy-to-use for beginners as well as for advanced knowledge engineers. Ideal for heterogeneous distributed teams consisting of managers, ontology engineers, domain experts, software developers, as well as end users.

Create and populate knowledgebase

Your TasorONE project is your unified knowledgebase. Project members can create resources in the knowledgebase, whether Classes or Properties or Individuals, in a single mouse click.

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