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Tasor Planner is a powerful software solution for advanced planning and scheduling. It automatically generates optimal production plans and schedules which enable businesses to gain a competitive edge by lowering costs and shortening delivery time. Tasor Planner optimizes production planning even in environments with the most challenging complex constraints and dependencies and creates accurate while optimal production schedules.

Tasor Planner is a perfect fit for companies of all sizes - small, medium as well as big enterprises.

Adjust the parameters in Profit Calculator application according to your production and calculate the profit increase using the TasorPlanner.

  • Tasor Planner - Overview video

    Learn more about Tasor Planner

  • Tasor Planner - Plan generator video
    Plan Generator

    Generating optimal production schedule has never been easier

  • Tasor Planner - Domain editor video
    Domain Editor

    Quick look how powerful Domain Editor is for managing resources

  • Tasor Planner - Calendar video

    See how to change availability for one or more resources

Profit Calculator

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Profit from production for stock:

0 $100

0 $100

Profit from production for customer:

0 $100

0 $100


0 100%
0 100%

0 1000

Profit increased with APS software:


Improve On-Time Delivery

Improve On-Time delivery

Tasor Planner allows to consistently meet customer orders due dates even in the most complex cases. With Tasor Planner is always possible to know what quantity will be available when or when specific quantity of product will be available which enables to give accurate delivery date

Reduce Planning Time

Reduce planning time

Tasor Planer generates optimal plan and schedule in just a few minutes. Traditional planning and scheduling needs few days, sometimes even few weeks to provide optimal plan. With Tasor Planner all is needed is just few minutes to give a reliable delivery dates

Resources Optimization

Resources optimization

Efficient production with optimization rules that allows you to schedule based on customer requirements. Tasor Planner optimize production lines, inventory and create optimal balance between any combination of due dates or priority

Improve Customer Relationship

Improve customer relationship

Tasor Planner improves flexibility and speed in meeting customer’s requirements and allows to respond quickly to customer queries. Tasor Planner enables reliable order promise delivery dates and with shorter lead time will improve customer satisfaction

Lead Time Redustion

Lead time reduction

Shorten lead time by using Tasor Planner. Finite capacity scheduling reduces production time for each process and optimizes the amount of work in progress which reduce cycle time. Tasor Planner minimize production times by telling what to make, when to make, on which machine by using which tool in which factory

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost

With Tasor Planner reduce inventory carrying costs. Minimizing inventory of material, semi-products and finished goods will reduce costs without jeopardizing customer service. Using material sooner or acquiring it later will be less likely to spoil and risk the shelf life of material

Features Background


Edit domain data and rules online from web browser. It is possible to make adjustments with any changes that may occur in factory. Can be used to add or remove as well as edit machine, tools, material, semi-products and products

Tasor Planner Domain Editing

Key performance indicators represents set of measures focusing on the aspects of performance that are important for the current and upcoming success of the company

Tasor Planner Key Performance Indicators

Tasor Planner can be used for long-term strategic planning, covering months and years ahead, as well as for medium-term tactical planning with a flexible planning horizon of up to three months

Tasor Planner Planning Horizon

Tasor Planner enforces capacity as well as all other manufacturing constrains and rules, creating accurate while optimal production plans even for large number of operations

Tasor Planner Finite Planning And Scheduling
  • Planning at different levels
  • Finite scheduling
  • Forward scheduling
  • Tactical planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Split orders
  • Capable-To-Promise
  • "What-if" analysis
  • Plan continuation
  • Fast plan generation
  • Planner configurability
  • Easy integration with legacy systems
  • Order and customer priority
  • Priority selection
  • Resource unavailability
  • Planning without bottleneck
  • Schedule without overlaps
  • Gantt chart
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