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Tasor Planner is a powerful software solution for advanced planning and scheduling. It automatically generates optimal production plans and schedules which enable businesses to gain a competitive edge by lowering costs and shortening delivery time. Tasor Planner optimizes production planning even in environments with the most challenging complex constraints and dependencies and creates accurate while optimal production schedules.
Tasor Planner is a perfect fit for companies of all sizes - small, medium as well as big enterprises.

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Advance Planning And Scheduling

TasorRMS is a web-based Request Management System (RMS) which efficiently and tellingly manages service requests from internal as well as external customers. It manages and optimizes all workflow activities related to fulfillment of the service request. TasorRMS is a powerful tool that streamlines the process of managing requests, improves service delivery and reduces costs while dramatically improving customer experience.
Because each business is unique, TasorRMS supports easy configurations of workflows to meet specific requirements for every department and organization.

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Online Ontology Editor

Web of Data is all around us: Some call it BigData, others call it Semantic Web or simply Social Networks. Tasor connects Web of Data so that data can be viewed in desired way. This is achieved by collecting data from various LinkedData and OpenData data sources, which contains data from almost any knowledge domain in the world. This data is stored in Semantic Web standard, either on Tasor Server or on third-party repositories that can be accessed online. Tasor then enable users to organize this data, to choose what to view, and to get or give help from community users.

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Online Ontology Editor

Tasor server has RDF store as its data storage, and it can contain any amount of data. Data are stored as resources in one big graph (this is Semantic Web representation of data). Beside connections between resources, each resource can have its binary representation of data, for storing multimedia documents (another distributed data storage is employed for this). For easy manipulation of this data similar concepts are grouped together in Datasets (collection of semantically similar resources). Users in Tasor create, edit and share this Datasets. Datasets from various users and data sources are grouped together in Domains, which represents knowledge about some real domain.

Smart Content Application Server
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