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  • TasorSCAS product
  • The smart content datasets management platform.
  • Semantic enrichment of your content makes your information systems intelligent.
  • The collaborative platform for easy development of data management applications that seamlessly connects your users, service providers, developers, and domain experts.


When new technology emerges there is a need for tools to work with that technology. Semantic Web is a new way to work with data, it promotes interconnected data, which give us a vast amount on publicly available information in the World. This data requires distributed, collaborative, and intuitive way to work with. TasorONE is just that. It will help you to connect, organize, manage and create knowledge in new way. It has simple user interface, community base work, user defined access rights, and it is available as a web application. On the backend is a powerful TasorSCAS server.

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Web of Data is all around us: Some call it BigData, others call it Semantic Web or simply Social Networks. Tasor connects Web of Data so that data can be viewed in desired way. This is achieved by collecting data from various LinkedData and OpenData data sources, which contains data from almost any knowledge domain in the world. This data is stored in Semantic Web standard, either on Tasor Server or on third-party repositories that can be accessed online. Tasor then enable users to organize this data, to choose what to view, and to get or give help from community users.

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